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MPS - Managed Print Strategy

What is commonly the highest business expense after payroll and rent
(and can often be lowered by 10-30%)?

Guess again, it’s office printing.

"Ninety percent of businesses do not know how much money they are spending on printing." 
Buyers Laboratory Inc.

"As much as 1-3 percent of your corporate revenues are spent on printing costs."
Gartner Group

Read on and we’ll discuss how to save 10% - 30% , usually without any initial capital investment.

What's Often Overlooked:

The two mistakes that most companies make when buying a printer are to …

  • Run to the local office products store and buy this month’s cheapest special.

        Or conversely:

  • Buy the largest MFP they can afford.

The reason this happens is because often when purchasing a printer only two things are considered:

  • Initial hardware cost (approximately 25% of your total cost)
  • Toner price or cost per page (cpp)

How much does it truly cost to print a document? The following costs are typically not considered when choosing printing devices:

  • Your business culture and processes (too few or too many printers)
  • Parts and Service
  • Other consumables (maintenance kits, transfer belts)
  • Toner and Ink quality
  • Warranties
  • Depreciation & Interest
  • Leasing or Depreciation
  • Stretched IT resources
  • Inventory costs
  • Electricity
  • Obsolete Inventory
  • Our Environment
  • Lost productivity

Our Solution:

Let us talk to you about a Managed Print Strategy (MPS).

MPS is a print management system that shows you what your true costs for printing are. We then ask you the right questions in order to determine the best ways to lower your costs and improve your printing experience. Specifically, we:

  • Assess your true costs
  • Present what you are doing well, and where cost savings can be found
  • Define an ongoing plan to implement our ideas (we do this for you)
  • Monitor and report back ongoing useful information and ideas to you over time


 What results should you expect?

  • Cost Savings:   10-30% is normal
  • Better Planning:   Finance and IT will be better equipped to plan
  • Environment:   Better protected
  • Increased employee efficiency:    We're pleased to show you how
  • Invoice reduction:    Fewer to process
  • IT help-desk calls will be reduced:    IT can now concentrate on their core job responsibilities
  • Obsolete supplies:   Will be eliminated
  • Supplies management will be simplified:   Time no longer spent by ordering supplies
  • Track and manage one of your highest expenses

Your employees will be able to focus more of their energy on your business, making them more effective, and you more profitable.

Even if you don’t have many printers, there are many ways that you can save.  No matter how large your firm a print strategy will help your employees work more effectively, and will respect your budget.


Why does a print strategy matter?  Knowledge leads to good decisions and better processes. Our initial assessment and ongoing oversight will allow you to make the best printing choices for your organization.

A word of caution:  Your business’s largest investment is your employees. Typical MPS strategies are designed to save you a few $$ by reducing the total number of printing devices, with little regard for the ongoing effectiveness of your employees. Reducing your print environment to a single printing device for 20 employees may save money, but this strategy may greatly sacrifice productivity and therefore shift costs elsewhere.

Our approach is different:  We respect your business culture; after all that’s what ultimately defines your success. Ribbon Encore is not tied to a single copier or printer OEM. Hence we look at your needs without bias and advise you on the best printer-copier-MFP balance for you. We’ll help you avoid duplication and over-capitalization by considering the overall needs of the corporation.

Together we’ll unify the purchasing decisions of your printing devices, based on an overall print strategy that fits your unique environment.

Call for a free assessment, to see what we can save you (519-826-7826).