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How can a Print Strategy improve your firm’s IT structure?

"As much as 30-50 percent of all IT help-desk calls are printer related." Gartner Group

If your IT personnel are handling printer issues, what other IT responsibilities are suffering?
When we surveyed IT professionals they felt that printers were a hindrance to their “important goals.”

 Major IT Responsibilities:                   Definitions

Infrastructure Management Strategic planning & monitoring
IPS Intrusion Prevention Proactive security management of vulnerable web applications
Network Security Protection against internal issues
Knowledge & Data Management Permissions & network access / triage requests
Storage Management Versioning and backups
Disaster Recovery Risk management that is too often neglected
Policy Generation Legal / safety / security
Web Content Management Sometimes outsourced or a separate department.

Here’s where we come in.
No matter what size your firm we can help you build a Print Management Strategy! We will:

  • Access and measure your current full costs to show you where you currently stand.
  • Discuss your needs, goals and culture so that we cut your costs, not shift them. Subtleties are important.
  • Report our findings back to you and present a strategy that improves the ROI of your printers and MFPs.
  • Implement and continue to measure your long term management plan, because this is not a single event.
  • Manage your costs and save your employees time by consistant reporting back to you.


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